Your cloud business guide to Cybersecurity Awareness month 2021

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This October, we’re getting behind Cybersecurity Awareness month – a global movement to help individuals and businesses stay safe online. 

Whether you’ve been concerned about the recent increase in cybercrime being reported in the media, or you’ve just been too busy to get on top of cybersecurity matters, now is a great time to take advantage of all the free educational content available from Xero and national cyber-agencies.

Keep an eye on our social media channels throughout October where we’ll be sharing cybercrime stats and the latest cybersecurity advice that’s relevant to you and your business.

Getting up to speed with cybersecurity

If you’re looking for an easy way to educate yourself and others in your organisation, take a look at our free, self-paced learning course – Manage security in your cloud business. This course covers the common threats to look out for, along with advice on how to recognise the signs and react if you fall victim to cybercrime. By following our simple steps to secure your systems and data, it’s possible to minimise the risks to your business.

Expert advice in your part of the world

For cybersecurity content and alerts that are tailored to your region, it’s a good idea to get familiar with your national cyber-agency. They provide advice on how to report and deal with incidents, and use their expertise to publish guides to help you secure your business.

Below you’ll find links to cyber-agencies in your region and a selection of useful guides:

Most of the cybersecurity advice above will apply globally – so feel free to use resources from any of these organisations. Just remember that if you ever need to report an incident, contact the national cyber-agency where you’re based.

Small steps can have a big impact

We know cybersecurity can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Our Manage security in your cloud business course, and the guides listed above, are designed to give you an understanding of the cybercrime risks to your business, and effective strategies to be cyber-secure. 

So, put some time aside this October to take our course and explore the cyber-agency resources available. Share them within your organisation to get your people talking about staying safe online as individuals and as a business. These small steps will put you on a pathway to increasing your resilience against cybercrime, so you can continue to operate with confidence in the cloud.

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