Xtalks Announces Its Life Science Webinar Calendar for October 2021

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Stay on top of current hot topics through free webinars presented by leading experts in the pharma, biotech, medical device and food industries. Access to all webinars is free, so be sure to register today to save your place! Participate in the discussion and stay relevant in your field!

Visit http://www.xtalks.com to see our upcoming webinars:


October 12- Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Immunoassays and LC-MS/MS to Track Disease Progression

October 27- Breast Cancer Biomarkers: The Emerging Role of Immune and Digital Biomarkers and the Benefits of Parallel CDx Development

October 28- Novel Digital Technologies and Biomarkers to Characterise Depression

October 28- Accelerating CAR T Development from Preclinical to Clinical Utilizing Key Biomarker Insights


October 4- How Wearable Devices and Digital Clinical Measures Can Improve Neurology Trials

October 7- Women in Pharma: Navigating the Career Jungle Gym

October 8- What Can an Advanced Digital Platform Bring to Decentralized Clinical Trials?

October 8- IndustryPOINTS: Is Your Quality Management System Ready for the Digital World?

October 13- A Practical Guide to Using Machine Learning for RBQM in a New Clinical Trial Landscape

October 19- Planning for Implementation of Decentralized Clinical Trials in APAC: A Global Overview

October 21- Clinical Outcome Assessment Databases, Drug Labels and Health Agency Guidelines

October 22- The Role of Adaptive Logistics and Patient Focus in ATMP Clinical Trial Success

October 27- Empowering Oncology Patients to Maximize Study Outcomes: Strategies and Considerations for Sponsors


October 4- Turning Precision Medicine into Action in Immuno-Oncology

October 5- Integrating Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Into a Drug Discovery Workflow

October 7- Compensating for Limited Spatial Resolution of Positron Emission Tomography

October 14- Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in Clinical Trial Safety Services

October 18- The Dizzying World of Post-COVID POTS: Symptoms, Potential Mechanisms and Therapies

October 22- Mantarray: Scalable Human-Relevant 3D-Engineered Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Tissues for Safety and Efficacy Studies

October 25- Strategies for Phenotypic Drug Discovery Programs Using High-Content Imaging

October 29- Addressing Challenges and New Developments in Endometriosis Clinical Research


October 6- Best Practices for Protecting Results and Employees in qPCR Testing


October 7- Fast, Gentle and Easy Single Cell Isolation

October 12- Ion Exchange and Reversed Phase Chromatography as Two Orthogonal Techniques for Purification of Therapeutic Peptides

October 26- Spatial Transcriptomics: Uses and Limitations of a Powerful Technique

October 27- Osmolality, a Critical Quality Attribute for Cell Line Development and Cell Therapy


October 6- How to Get Your 510(k) Approved on Your First Try (And Why Only 31% Succeed)

October 6- Monitor Patient Adverse Drug Effects with New-Age Digital Health Tools

October 13- Safer Medical Devices – In Vitro Assays As Part of a Biological Evaluation

October 19- Reducing Time & Cost to Market for Medical Devices

October 21- Preparing Data for EUDAMED: A Virtual Panel

October 28- Combination Drug Products: What Lies Beneath – Risk Analysis for Product Development


October 5- Combining Adaptive Interactive Response Technology and Supply Chain Production with Management

October 14- Rare Disease Registries: Practical Ways to Build Trust with Patient Advocacy Groups

October 19- Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Increase Clinical Trial Access and Drive Faster Enrollment


October 4- Antibody-Drug Conjugate Therapeutic Window Enhancement

October 5- Mini Series on an Approach to Career and Professional Development in FSP Models

October 6- Achieving Compliance: Pharma Annual Deadlines

October 7- 5 Metrics That Help to Calculate ROI of Your AI Project in Pharma Manufacturing

October 14- How to Successfully Adapt Existing Offices into Laboratory Spaces

October 19- The Role of Digital CDMOs in Biopharma: Accelerating the Development and Manufacturing of Life-Saving Therapeutics


October 5-Glucose Control for Healthy Aging: Mulberry Leaf’s Broad Applications

October 12- Utilizing Built-In Antimicrobial Technology to Support Surface Hygiene and Cleanliness in Food Processing Environments

October 13- The Next Wave in Sea-Based Beauty with AstaReal® Astaxanthin


Xtalks, powered by Honeycomb Worldwide Inc., is a leading provider of educational webinars to the global life science, food and medical device community. Every year thousands of industry practitioners (from life science, food and medical device companies, private & academic research institutions, healthcare centers, etc.) turn to Xtalks for access to quality content. Xtalks helps Life Science professionals stay current with industry developments, trends and regulations. Xtalks webinars also provide perspectives on key issues from top industry thought leaders and service providers.

To learn more about Xtalks visit http://www.xtalks.com.

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