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This RIICO industrial plotting in Sriganganagar district is situated at Anoopgarh called as RIICO Anupgarh industrial area phase 1. RIICO Anupgarh Phase 1 Industrial area is situated at anupgarh town of sri ganganagar. Anupgarh is situated 125 km faraway from srinagganagar. Anupgarh is situated at National highway 91 and state highway 3 and 94.

This RIICO industrial area, Sriganganagar is situated near to india Pakistan broder.

RIICO industrial area Anupgarh Phase 1 total plotting area is 52 acre. This RIICO Sriganganagar plot in industrial area Anupgarh Phase 1 are best suitable for nearby small town people as this gives a good opportunity to start the business. This industrial area in Sriganganagar has total 50 RIICO industrial plots. Location of Anupgarh Phase 1 industrial area plot is very good, nearby villages to Anupgarh Phase 1 are Patrora, gharsana, Banda.
You can apply for RIICO plot in industrial area, through RIICO auction website.

Sriganganagar is known for agro industry, cotton industry and food based industry, mineral industry, leather indsutry. Main industries in Anupgarh Phase 1 industrial areas are agro based industries.
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