Christian Democrat Ponders Morality of Abortion Decisions

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For this video and blog I have examined the sections in the Catholic Catechism on abortion, because whether you are Catholic or not, these sections have been carefully examined for accuracy and fidelity by bishops and theologians world-wide, and all Christians should be reluctant to go against their teachings. We will also review other sources, such as the original Roe v Wade opinion and other relevant sources. My beliefs on abortion have been modified as I learned more about this topic, and we pray that you, too, will carefully consider this important issue.

Many people have the impression that Christians should be passionate about their beliefs, that they need to SHOUT AND ATTACK those they see as their spiritual enemies on the various internet forums. They do not want to admit that their adversaries are real, live, emotional, breathing human beings that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, they see everybody else as a tar baby that needs to be set alight and burned.

What is so dangerous about internet memes, those dozen word exhortations of what you think is truth? Internet memes ignore the undeniable fact that life can be complicated and messy, that often in real-life situations what is right and what is wrong can be difficult to discern.

There are some really heart-breaking situations involving abortion. Should abortion be allowed if the mother’s and/or the baby’s life is in danger? Should abortion be allowed in case of rape or incest? Should abortion be permitted if it is likely the mother would otherwise commit suicide? Should abortion be permitted to reduce the number of deaths caused by botched abortions by coat hangers or Lysol?

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