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Acumed Fibula Nail 2

Tip-Loc™ will allow surgeons to achieve a true double-locked nail, both proximal and distal to the fracture with a sized implant that can more closely match the patient’s anatomy.

Acumed is pleased to announce the launch of the Fibula Nail 2 System, designed to provide an alternate treatment to bone plating by offering a less invasive intramedullary approach to fractures of the fibula. This approach can reduce soft-tissue irritation compared with plating through traditional open reduction internal fixation (ORIF).1

Designed in conjunction with Roy Sanders, MD, with consulting input from Mr. Timothy White, the Acumed Fibula Nail 2 is available in new diameters and four new lengths. The system offers a universal instrumentation base set, making it possible for one set to support multiple intramedullary nail families.

The nails feature contouring to accommodate the shape of the intramedullary canal, while Acumed’s proprietary Tip-Loc™ technology achieves stabilization of the nail’s far end through a sized bushing and set screw combination, which allows for fracture rotation and length control.

“The Fibula Nail 2 System represents an advance in intramedullary nailing of the fibula and ulna with power reamers to allow for ease of insertion,” said Dr. Sanders, an orthopaedic surgeon in Tampa, FL. “Additionally, Tip-Loc will allow surgeons to achieve a true double-locked nail, both proximal and distal to the fracture with a sized implant that can more closely match the patient’s anatomy.”

“The additional diameters and lengths of the new system accommodates a wider range of patient anatomies,” said Mr. White, a consultant orthopaedic trauma surgeon in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The system also offers updated instrumentation, including carbon fiber radiolucent targeting guides to streamline the procedure, threaded holes within the nail for interlocking constructs, and headless hexalobe screws designed to minimize soft tissue irritation.

“Acumed has a long history of delivering industry-first solutions designed to provide surgeons with in situ customization options to achieve optimal patient fit and restoration of function,” said Sharon Wolfington, President and CEO of Acumed | OsteoMed. “Acumed has the most complete selection of Trimalleolar fracture treatment options on the market*, and our new Fibula Nail 2 is a minimally invasive option that enhances our industry-leading portfolio.”

About Acumed | OsteoMed

We serve highly skilled, specialized surgeons who demand comprehensive, high-quality medical devices for patients with simple to complex injuries for optimal restoration of function.

Acumed | OsteoMed has more than three decades of experience in the orthopaedic industry, with the mission of aiding the afflicted through the ingenuity of our minds, the labor of our hands, and the compassion of our hearts. Acumed | OsteoMed has three primary campuses in Hillsboro, Oregon, Addison, Texas and Madrid, Spain, and offices around the world. For more information, visit or

Acumed | OsteoMed is a Colson Medical | Marmon | Berkshire Hathaway company.

*Competitive data on file with Acumed. GEN00-30-C; 2021.

1.    White TO, Bugler KE, Appleton P, Will E, McQueen MM, Court-Brown CM. A prospective randomized controlled trial of the fibular nail versus standard open reduction and internal fixation for fixation of ankle fractures in elderly patients. Bone Joint J. 2016;98-B(9):1248-1252. doi:10.1302/0301-620X.98B9.35837

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