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My name is Tameaka Johnson and I am a homemaker, internet marketer, and a work from home advocate.

I started online in 2016; Blogging, buying, crying, trying, believing and underachieving. Finally, I found a niche that granted me less time on the internet, less money spent and more time to focus on family. Becoming an affiliate internet marketer changed my mind about making money online. It works. It was a long road, and I dare say that I’ve learned it all. What I have learned I am now and will continue to share with you.

Why do this?

  • When you give of yourself; Blessings always find you.
  • Helping others make money, makes me money.

I am an introverted people person if that makes any sense. I find joy in sharing information and uplifting others. The internet is just a broad stage for me to do just that.

I look forward to working with some of you in the near future. Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. You learn something new everyday. Together we will make our pockets great again. 🙂

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